I will teach how to organize, transform, analyse and visualize data, as well as how to effectively communicate the outcomes of the workflow, with a strong focus on network data.

The course will be multi-task (learn, make, use, watch, glance, read, dig, listen; see more below) and multi-teacher (I will be assisted by other real and virtual teachers). Some basics in programming, linear algebra and matrix theory, and statistics are desirable.


  1. Getting started
  2. Data science in a nutshell
  3. Essential linear algebra
  4. Essential graph theory
  5. Network science
  6. Communication

Task-tag legend

You will go through different tasks: learn, make, use, watch, glance, read, dig, listen. A legend is below:


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Data challenges

Data challenges have 3 components:

The following are examples of data challenges you are invited to try:

  1. Are female dolphins more social than male dolphins? (markup, markdown)
  2. Which are the most powerful countries in the European natural gas market? (markup, markdown)
  3. Detect the most dangerous terrorists involved in Madrid train bombing attack of 2011 (markup, markdown)
  4. Discover the most interdisciplinary and autarchic disciplines in science (markup, markdown)
  5. Detect communities in a Katate club friendship network (markup, markdown)