Mathematical Modeling in Continuum Mechanics and Structures


Tuesday 10


14:30 opening

15:00 Franco Tomarelli. Smooth and creased minimizers of some free discontinuity problems

15:45 Alessandro Musesti. Virtual powers and normal traces of measures

16:30 coffee break

17:00 Antonino Morassi. Detecting inclusions in an elastic body by boundary measurements

17:45 Emilio Turco. Detecting the size of inclusions in a body: a numerical experience in elasticity and electrostatic



Wednesday 11


09:30 Cesare Davini. External approximation of first order variational problems via W -1,p estimates

10:15 Paolo Podio Guidugli. On concentrated forces and couples, and the stress fields they generate.

11:00 coffee break

11:45 Chi-Sing Man. Acoustoelastic measurement of stress in metals

12:15 Pierre Seppecher. t.b.a.


free afternoon



Thursday 12


09:30 Gianpietro Del Piero. Local energy minimizers in finite elasticity

10:15 Andrea Davini. Bolza problems with discontinuous lagrangians: regularity of quasi-minimizers and relaxation

11:00 coffee break

11:45 Pierluigi Colli. Some results for an entropy balance and thermal memory model for phase transitions

12:15 Andrea Corli. A dynamical approach to phase transitions


13:00 lunch


15:00 Gilles Francfort. A variational approach to quasistatic evolution for a class of dissipative materials

!5:45 Maria Giovanna Mora. Derivation of a rod theory for phase-transforming materials

16:30 coffee break

17:00 Giorgio Zavarise. Numerical modeling of interface mechanical problems at the microscopical level

17:45 Luigi La Ragione. Modelling granular materials




Friday 13


09:30 Francois Murat. Passing to the limit in thin cylinders in linear elasticity

10:15 Maurizio Angelillo. t.b.a.

11:00 Lorenzo Freddi. Vlasov's thin-walled beam theory: a variational approach.