Collaborating for research is one of the most exciting and fruitful experiences in the academic life. At least mine. I frankly confess that attacking a problem in front of a blackboard for hours with other researchers is among the (maybe few) moments when I breathe deep science.

I wish to thank those below, with whom I have or have had the pleasure to jointly work and collaborate with:
Beretta Edoardo – CIMAB, University of Milan (I)
Bozzo Enrico – University of Udine (I)
Conzatti Francesco – University of Udine (I)
De Graaf Wilfred – University of Utrecht (NL)
Dieci Luca – Georgia Institute of Technology (GA-USA)
Diekmann Odo – University of Utrecht (NL)
Esseni David – University of Udine (I)
Franceschetti Andrea – University of Trento (I)
Getto Philipp – Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (E)
Humphries Tony – McGill University (CDN)
Iannelli Mimmo – University of Trento (I)
Liu Shengqiang – Harbin Institute of Technology (CN)
Maset Stefano – University of Trieste (I)
Michiels Wim – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (B)
Nakata Yukihiko – former Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (E)
Olgac Nejat – University of Connecticut (CT-USA)
Palestri Pierpaolo – University of Udine (I)
Paussa Alan – former University of Udine (I)
Pugliese Andrea – University of Trento (I)
Sánchez Sanz Julia – Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (E)
Selmi Luca – University of Udine (I)
Sipahi Rifat – Northeastern University (MA-USA)
Scarabel Francesca – University of Helsinki (FI)
Specogna Ruben – University of Udine (I)
Trevisan Francesco – University of Udine (I)
Van Vleck Erik – University of Kansas (KS-USA)
Vermiglio Rossana – University of Udine (I)
Visetti Daniela – former University of Trento (I)