Ok, perhaps this is the most visited page. Half of you may be interested in that specific paper. Half of you may be interested in my h-index (scopus: 19; WOS:17; Google scholar: 23). And half of you is just on the wrong page. Jokes apart, those in the first half can go directly to the relevant pages and skip what comes below.

Recently, there is a growing…how to say…”interest” in citation/publication indices. No doubt the matter is appealing. What is maybe debatable is the use of such indices to evaluate universities, departments and research institutions in general, or even single researchers. In principle, I am not against this. But I am convinced that, at the current stage of development, it might not be safe to claim that item 35 is better than item 39 in a rank of 100. Rather, I believe that on average item 4 is better than item 92. Being in the tails should mean something.

Given this, I do not know in which part of which rank I reside. I only hope the content of my publications to be scientifically interesting and correct. Correct…well, it should be so since they are all peer-reviewed, but this is another long discussion…