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Andrea Baruzzo is an author, speaker, research fellow and independent consultant on object-oriented, model-based software development. Andrea has a strong experience in UML modeling and object-oriented design, applying OOA/OOD techniques and software development methodologies in a wide range of business applications. He worked with both researchers and industrial partners using all versions of UML since 1998.

As a technical author he is a regular contributor and columnist of the magazine "Computer Programming" since 1999. He wrote regularly in the column "Object-Oriented Design" from 2003 to 2008. In that period, he authored more than 50 articles about software design, object-oriented programming, and software quality assurance. Some of these articles (updated and revised) are freely available on his Web site focused on object-oriented modeling. Original published versions of this articles are available from the editor' Web site at Gruppo Editoriale Infomedia (access granted only under subscription).

As a research fellow, he is actively involved in the following main areas:
  • Software Engineering, concerning specifically the areas of automatic analysis of UML models, software patterns, service-oriented architectures, and software quality assurance;
  • Artificial Intelligence, concerning specifically the areas of natural language processing, knowledge representation, information filtering and retrieval, neural networks, and Web 2.0 technologies;
  • Semantic Digital Libraries, concerning the integration of semantic Web technologies into the traditional world of digital libraries.
As an independent consultant, he organizes technical courses concerning software engineering principles and practices (e.g. UML, design patterns, object-oriented design, design for testability, model-driven development). He collaborates also with several industrial firms, showing to architects and programmers how to apply model-driven engineering in real-world projects.


He received his PhD. on Computer Science in 2008 with a thesis on automated analysis of UML models. In 2001 he graduated (master degree in computer science). Since 2000 he is member of IEEE Computer Society.

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