Dr. AndreaBaruzzo

Academic homepage

firefox-gray Welcome to my academic homepage. I am an author, an independent consultant, and a research fellow at Computer Science Department of the University of Udine. My primary area of research is software engineering. The topics addressed here concern the automated analysis of UML models, from the particular perspective of the software architect. In particular, I am working on two main ideas: creating a model-based verification framework and providing tools for both assessing model quality and aid developers during the design stage.
Other research themes I am also interested in are Object-Oriented Design techniques, Model-Driven Architecture (MDA), eXecutable UML, Design by Contract, and model-based testing. Apart from software engineering themes, I am also involved in another research area, concerning artificial intelligence techniques for natural language processing. Currently I am working on a research project in the area of digital libraries focused specifically to Semantic Web and Web 2.0 as a new empowered (collaborative) environment where to apply NLP algorithms. The main goal of this project is to transform traditional digital libraries into semantic digital libraries. More on these themes on my research page.

Dr. Andrea Baruzzo on the Web

If you are interested on software engineering articles written in Italian, you can go to my alternative web site: object-modeling.it. Here I republished some of my papers for the Object-Oriented Design column of the Italian magazine Computer Programming (edited by Gruppo Editoriale Infomedia). The interested reader can also find random thoughts on software engineering themes refering to my Wordpress blog, especially focused on model-driven software development.