Short Bio: Christian Micheloni

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Micheloni (M.Sc.’02, Ph.D. ‘06) received the Laurea degree (cum Laude) as well as a Ph.D. in Computer Science respectively in 2002 and 2006 from the University of Udine, Udine, Italy. He is associate professor at the University of Udine. Since 2000 he has taken part to European research being under contract for several European Projects.

Dr. Micheloni's main interests involve active vision for the understanding of the scene by images acquired by moving cameras, neural networks for the classification and recognition of the objects moving within the scene. He is also interested in pattern recognition techniques



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Currently different collaborations are active with national and international research centres as industry. Mainly cooperation is activated on the basis of active projects but also as knowledge exchange between Avires Lab. and other groups.

I'm always open to young researcher that want to spend some time with me doing active research and producing high quality papers. Post-Doc positions are always open. If you are interested just send me an e-mail.

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Recent Papers:

ImageIEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machin Intelligence
N. Martinel ,A. Das, C. Micheloni, A. K. Roy-Chowdury
Re-Identification in the Function Space of Feature Warps


ImageBEST PAPER AWARD - International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras
Martinel, N. and Micheloni
Sparse Based Matching of Random Patches for Person Re-Identification