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An XPath Benchmark for XMark

XPathMark is an XPath benchmark for XMark. It consists of a set of queries which covers the main aspects of XPath 1.0. These queries have been designed for XML documents generated under the XMark benchmark.

Since XPath is the core retrieval language for XSLT, XPointer and XQuery, the proposed benchmark might help the evaluation of functional completeness, efficiency, and scalability of XML engines implementing these technologies.

The benchmark queries cover all the syntactic features of XPath, like different axes, node tests, predicates, Boolean operators, references, and functions. They have a natural interpretation with respect to the semantics of XMark generated XML documents.

Moreover, we have thought most of the queries in such a way that the sizes of the intermediate and final results they compute, and hence the response times as well, increase as the size of the document grows. XMark comes with an XML generator that produces XML documents according to a numeric scaling factor. Document can be generated from 100 KB up to 10 GB and more.