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2006-2008; EU FP6 PASR SEC6-SA-204400
The project will demonstrate core functions of an in-door security assistance system for real-time decision support by using advanced sensors and multiple sensor fusion techniques.

MISS: Monitor Integrated Safety Systems
2005-2007; EU FP6-SUSTDEV-516235
The project aimed at developing an innovative platform to dynamically sense and predict natural and infrastructure conditions, in order to improve safety and efficiency of transport operations in a multi-environmental scenario.

VENFLEX: Visual Recognition and Mechanical Handling of Flexible Materials
1999-2001; EU FP5 CRAFT-BRITE-BRT98-5312
The focus was on automated production and manufacturing processes that required on-line assessment and sorting.

HOLOMAR: High Resolution in Situ Holographic Recording and Analysis of Marine Organisms and Particles
1997-2000; MAST-CT97-0079

ATHENA: Advanced Teleoperation for Earthwork Equipment Navigation (1992-1994).
1992-1994; CEC-ESPRIT 6068

DIMUS: Data Integration in Multisensorial Systems
1990-1994; CEC-ESPRIT 7809

PROMETHEUS PRO-ART: Multisensorial Data Fusion through Knowledge based Methods for Authomatic Driving
1990-1993; EUREKA


National projects Top

Ambient intelligence: event analysis, sensor reconfiguration and multimodal interfaces
2007-2009; MIUR (PRIN)
The project is focused on the study and development of new algorithms and techniques for the design of a network of heterogenious sensors for the automatic monitoring of public enviroments.

Distributed systems for multisensor recognition with augmented perception for ambient security and customization
2002-2004; MIUR (PRIN)

Intelligent system for processing and transmisison of multidimensional signals for real-time video-survilliance applications
1999-2000; MURST (PRIN)

A vision system for railway level crossing survillance
1993-1997; CNR