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Monitor Integrated Safety System

MISS aims to develop an innovative platform to dynamically sense and predict natural and infrastructure conditions, so to improve safety and efficiency of transport operations in a multi-environmental scenario.

This project wants to increase citizens and operators safety by enabling a just in time intelligent computation of an open dynamic road surveillance network and streamlining alerting tasks under the daily duty provided by clerical staff. In this way MISS will pay attention to viability of the system in the long term.

The platform will use advanced communication technologies for on-line services as well as high capacity storage devices for off-line services and applications, in addition to a new advanced algorithm to simulate risk assessment.

The MISS adaptable platform is a mobile system explicitly designed to monitor rough environmental and infrastructure conditions and it will be integrated with any pre-existing legacy system. It will enable intelligent exchange of structured information between the operational fleet vehicles and the Unified Operative Centre where information will be elaborated and actions planned.

The platform will be composed by two main components:

1. an Unified Operative Centre (UOC) where data coming from a monitoring system that is comprised of a set of mobile and fixed distributed devices will be stored and analysed by an innovative simulation algorithm to find a strategy to improve the end-users safety and security and to avoid traffic congestion.

2. an innovative on-board kit: it will be installed on the fleet cars and will include a black box here named MSCU (MISS Storage & Communication Unit), where raw environmental and infrastructure data will be stored and elaborated; then, these data will be sent via a radio-communication network to the Unified Operative Centre.

An extensive demonstration on the field will be undertaken in the area of Bologna (Italy) to test the overall integrated road safety system under operational trial conditions.
Two small satellite demos will be set up in other two European sites to check knowledge cross-over.

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