Project Objectives

The main objectives of the MISS project is building a “Unified Operative Centre” (UOC), aimed at improving vehicle safety and mobility.

This “Unified Operative Centre” has to support and to integrate the activities of different structures at  provincial level. It will manage the road monitoring activity of  these organisations: the Urban Police, the Civil Protection and the Road Services.


We estimate that each entity will improve its efficiency, starting from these operational points:
- Defining some guidelines to coordinate the institutional working activities.
- Integrating the communication and the effort among the operators and the vehicles  of the three entities.
- Improving the technological infrastructure.

Building these points within the “Unified Operative Centre”:
- Will tie together the three entities, improving their administrative and operational  processes.
- Will guarantee efficiency and effectiveness managing the events.
- Will satisfy the optimisation needs of resources on the ground and inside the  Operative Centre.
- Will extend the road safety among citizens and province,

The “Unified Operative Centre” will support the operational, planning and policy decisions to extend road knowledge, using Information Technology tools to store and to extract all the information needed. It will also support the prevention and the prevision of the events, analysing all the basic aspects.

The “Unified Operative Centre” will share technological and human resources, leaving the three entities’ services virtually separated. In this way it will be possible to reduce, both management and structural costs.
The “Unified Operative Centre” needs  operators IT workstations, to collect the calls, to analyse the requests, to start-up the resources, to coordinate the activities.

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