My work revolves mostly on the topic "Very Large Cardinals", that currently are the strongest hypotheses in the large cardinals hierarchy. I am particularly interested in the zoology of elementary embeddings whose existence is implied by these hypotheses (specifically those from I0 and above).

These are my publications. 

  1. LD-algebras beyond I0, accepted at the Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic.
  2. The iterability hierarchy above I3, Archive for Mathematical Logic (2018)  With Alessandro Andretta.
  3. The *-Prikry PropertyReports on Mathematical Logic, 53 (2018), 111-142.
  4. I0 and rank-into-rank axioms, Bollettino dell'Unione Matematica Italiana11 (2018), 315-361.
  5. Generic I0 at $\aleph_\omega$, Mathematical Logic Quarterly, 64 (2018), 118-132.
  6. A general tool for consistency results related to I1, European Journal of Mathematics, 2 (2016) no. 2, 474-492. With Liuzhen Wu.
  7. Rank-into-rank hypotheses and the failure of GCH, Archive for Mathematical Logic 53 (2014) no. 3, 351-366. With Sy Friedman.
  8. A Partially Non-Proper Ordinal, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 163 (2012) no. 9, 1309-1321.
  9. Totally non-proper ordinals beyond $L(V_{\lambda+1})$, Archive for Mathematical Logic 50 (2011) no. 5, 565-584
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