Frozen Footprints

"Citations are frozen footprints in the landscape of scholarly achievement which bear witness of the passage of ideas" - Blaise Cronin

Bibliometrics, also known as scientometrics, is the quantitative study of the process of scholarly publication of research achievements. The complex system of scholarly publication reveals different types of networks, mainly citation networks (where links represent bibliographic references) and collaboration networks (in which links correspond to article co-authorships). These networks are analysed in order to capture meaningful properties of the underlying research system, and in particular to determine the influence of bibliometric units like scholars and journals. Read more...

Science and social science citation network (generated with; high resolution)

Science and social science citation network

Collaboration network on the field of network science (generated with; high resolution)

Network science collaboration network


"If scientometrics is a mirror of science in action, then scientometricians' particular responsibility is to both polish the mirror and warn against optical illusions" - Michel Zitt
Frozen Footprints - Massimo Franceschet