Welcome to EtherCoil, a generative art piece I designed for the Art Blocks project. EtherCoil is reading in real-time the block hashes of Ethereum blockchain and using them to forge artworks shaped as colored intertwined coils. Here are some coils generated in real-time.

If you would like your own custom EtherCoil follow the instructions below:

  1. open a wallet for the Ethereum blockchain. Popular examples are MetaMask on desktop and Cipher on mobile;
  2. get an Interface Token for the Art Blocks project. To request a free token visit Art Blocks and click the "Request a Free Interface Token" box! Notice that your token has a unique hash associated with it;
  3. send 0.01 ETH to the contract address below (or use the QR code above):


  4. once the transaction is processed, the QR code above will be replaced with a coil design: watch the hashes above the design and when you see the hash that corresponds to your Interface Token press the letter "s" on your keyboard to download the artwork. Notice that the first design that will appear, which is probably yours, will be also automatically saved;
  5. write me if you accidentally missed your own design or reach me on Discord @HEX0x6C. I'll be glad to mint a vector graphics version of the coil personalized with your nickname and token hash;
  6. if you're totally new to crypto art and want to know more about this world, read the little manual to become a crypto artist;

Note that in order to interact with the project you must send the 0.01 ETH from an Ethereum account where you own an Interface Token. Mind that tokens can only be held by Ethereum addresses that you own the private key for, so unfortunately this project will not react to transactions from a Coinbase or exchange account. On the other hand, you can use, for instance, MetaMask on desktop or Cipher on mobile.

Since you own the hash that corresponds to the EtherCoil you own the generated artwork, so by sending 0.01 ETH to the contract address you're not only supporting my work and the whole Art Blocks project, but also purchasing a 100% unique work of digital generative art! If you want to know more about how EtherCoil works, visit this other page.

By the way, this is what my GF (a dance choreographer!) said when I tried to explain her the whole machinery:

Well, it's a crypto peep show! (Giulia Bean)