Little manual to become a crypto artist

A crypto artist is an artist who creates digital works of art, exposes them in digital galleries and eventually sells them in exchange for digital currency (or crypto currency). Here is my (very personal) little manual to become a crypto artist:

  1. create a physical artwork and digitize it or give birth to a digital native work. A language designed for generative art is Processing. A javascript library to do the same things on the web is p5.js;

  2. every work of art has a (beautiful) story to tell (otherwise you would not have done it). Write it on Medium;

  3. open a digital wallet in crypto currency. This is the most delicate part because it has to do with money (digital and real). I recommend metamask on desktop or cipher on mobile. You will have a public key and a private key. Never reveal your private key, write it on a piece of paper and place it in a safe place (which you will be able to find again!). No one, beyond you, knows the private key, so if you lose it you have lost your wallet. Instead, you can use your public key to receive payments or other digital works;

  4. exhibit your work in a digital gallery. KnownOrigin and SuperRare are currently my favorites. To enter these galleries it is necessary (but not sufficient) to have a digital wallet. The exhibition of the work is not immediate, each gallery carefully selects the exhibiting artists. Attend their social networks to become known;

  5. if eventually your work is exhibited, create a cross reference between your work in the gallery and your story on Medium. I would be curious to read the story behind the work, or see the work that underlies the story;

  6. check periodically if there are any offers to buy for your work; if you are satisfied with the offer, sell the work (remember that offers can be withdrawn). You will find out that it is a little painful to deprive yourself of a work that you have created with such passion and that you feel yours, even if it is digital and therefore ephemeral. This supports the hypothesis (which I support) that digital art is a true form of art. Remember that you can also donate your works (and receive works as gifts). Be generous;

  7. do not disinvest the digital currency, but use it, for example to create a small collection of digital artwork or to make donations. In this way you will feed the digital art market and give a contribution to the artists.

If you want to give me your feedback on what is written, or you simply want to tell me that you have become a respected crypto artist, drop me a line on Telegram (my nickname is HEX0x6C)