august 23rd - september 3rd


Summer School
Finite Groups
Related Geometrical Structures

in memory of Maria Silvia Lucido (1963-2008)














Permutation Groups and Applications.

Permutation group theory is a classical part of Group theory, going back to Galois, Jordan and others. The face of the subject changed considerably with the classification of finite simple group.
The course will give some classical results, then outline the modern approach, followed by applications to graphs, geometries, and probabilistic group theory.

Course 1

Lectures by Jan Saxl

1.  G-spaces; primitivity and imprimitivity; wreath products
2.  Doubly transitive groups; Burnside reduction theorem; Jordan groups;
3.  Simply primitive groups; orbital graphs; double cosets; permutation
    characters; centraliser rings
4.  Symmetric groups and their subgroups; maximality and factorizations
5.  Classical groups and their actions; natural subgroups
6.  Permutation groups of special degrees
7.  Factorizations of groups
8.  Flag-transitive linear spaces
9.  Distance-transitive graphs
10. Gelfand pairs

Course 2

1st week

1.  Generalized Fitting Subgroup (Mario Mainardis)
2.  Aschbacher-O'Nan-Scott Theorem (John van Bon)
3.  Introduction to Derangements and fixed point ratios (John Britnell)
4.  A brief introduction to groups of Lie type (Andrea Previtali)
5.  Maximal subgroups of classical groups - Aschbacher's theorem (John van Bon)

2nd week

Lectures by Martin Liebeck

6. Fixed points
7. Monodromy groups
8. Bases for permutation groups
9. Derangements with applications to polynomials in characteristic p
10. Probabilistic aspects

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Beginning: Monday, August 23rd, 2010 at 9.30am.

End: Friday, September 3rd 2010 at 1.00pm.

Day schedule:

  9.30am - 11.00am: Lecture 1
11.00am - 11.30am: Break
11.30am -   1.00pm: Lecture 2

Class problem sections on Wednesday Aug. 25th, Friday 27th, Monday 30th, and Wednesday Sep. 1st
with the following schedule:

15.30pm - 16.30pm: Class problem section 1
16.30pm - 17.00pm: Break
17.00pm - 18.00pm: Class problem section 2

Course Banquet on Thursday, September 2nd