Summer School


Finite Groups and Related Geometrical Structures

September 5th to 15th 2007

By Plane:
There are two airports near Venice: Venice (Aereoporto Marco Polo) and Treviso.

If you land in Venice Airport (IATA code: VCE) the fastest way to arrive to Venice is by bus. There are two well working shuttle services from the airport to Venice - Piazzale Roma (travel time about 30 minutes):

  • ATVO (blue coloured busses), departures every 20-30 minutes.
  • ACTV (local, orange coloured),  departures every 30 minutes.

  • More information are available at the Aeroporto Marco Polo web site.

    Low cost companies operating in Venice:  Volareweb Easyjet

    Also close to Venice is Treviso (IATA code: LIPH). There is a Ryanair shuttle bus to Venice (travel time about one hour). 

    More information are available at the Aeroporto di Treviso  web site.

    Low cost companies operating in Treviso:  Ryanair

    By Train: 

    Travel information are available at the  Italian Railways web site. Note that there are two stations in Venice: Venezia-Mestre and Venezia Santa Lucia. You have to get off at Venezia-Santa Lucia which is the second one, after a long bridge crossing the lagoon of Venice built by the Austrians to linl Venice to the mainland. 

    By Car: 

    We warmly reccommend people not to come by car: the main reason is that you may park your car in private garages that are usually full and expensive. Moreover you won't definitely need a car in Venice.


    Moving around Venice

    The guesthouse is at the Campo di Santa Maria della Salute.

    Google Earth coordinates of the entrance of the guesthouse are:

    45º 25' 50.65'' N, 
    12º 20' 07.22 E

    If you come by bus from the airport you have to get off at Piazzale Roma (here's where cars have to stop in Venice). From here you may reach the guest house either on foot or by boat. On foot it takes about half an hour so, unless you are very strong and resistant, we do suggest you to take a ''vaporetto''.  In this case you have to look for Line 1 and get off at Salute stop (it is the last stop on the right side of the Grand Canal,  before Vallaresso and after Giglio) it takes about forty minutes, but you may rest while enjoiyng the sight of the Grand Canal palaces.

    Public transport is rather expensive in Venice  (a one hour ticket costs 6 euros).

    On the other hand it is hard to move (expecially for crossing the Grand Canal) only on foot.

    We suggest the participants to make a monthly ticket: the price is 26 euros for the monthly ticket, plus 8 euros una tantum for the card. 

    You may get it at the ACTV ticket office in Piazzale Roma (looking at the bridge you came from, it is a small building on your right, between you and the Grand Canal). You have to bring 

    1) a passport size photo 
    2) a photocopy of your Identity Card.

    You just have to fill an application form and you'll be given a temporary card (the one that costs you 8 euros). With that card you may purchase a monthly ticket for 26 euros.

    Google Earth coordinates of the ACTV ticket office are

    45º 26' 18.57'' N
    12º 19' 07.32'' E

    The coordinates of Line 1 stop in Piazzale Roma are:

    45º 26' 21.70'' N
    12º 19' 05.66'' E

    Rich people may also take a watertaxi: the fare depends on the number of people. The fare for two people from Piazzale Roma to Campo di Santa Maria della Salute  is about 40 euros, from Venice airport about 100 euros.














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