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Corso LaTeX 2016

Il corso è da 2 crediti. È indirizzato agli studenti di Matematica, ma può essere utile a qualunque studente di facoltà scientifiche, specialmente in vista della tesi di laurea. L'esame consiste in due parti:

L'esame avviene su appuntamento individuale da prendere via mail con indicativamente una settimana di anticipo. Il docente spedirà una mail di conferma con l'articolo in pdf da tradurre. Il risultato dell'esame è approvato o non approvato, senza voto.

I lucidi del corso sono questi. C'è anche una versione per stampa. I lucidi sono stati pensati per lo schermo, comunque la versione per stampa dovrebbe far risparmiare un po' di carta.

LaTeX Course Front Page

The main packages I used to write the slides are TeXPower and Marslides.


Question: What is TeX???

Answer: it is not a cartoon character (that one is Tex Willer, with lower-case x). It is a text and page layout system, specially designed for mathematical and scientific printing. Browse the .pdf files in this site to see some of TeX's capabilities.

Question: How shall I pronounce "TeX"?

Answer: The official pronunciation is tricky for speakers of many languages. You will be forgiven if you just say "TEK", as in English "TECHnology". Please do not say "teks" as in (English) "Texas"!

math formula sample

Some pages describing the advantages of TeX over word-processors: Allin Cottrell, Skylar Thompson, wiki.


Also look at the TeX entry in the Free online dictionary of computing.

Have a look at The PracTeX Journal, the online journal of the TeX Users Group.

LaTeX reference on-line

(in Italian when available)

A sample math thesis template

intestazione tesi uniud

Thesis front page

Transparencies presentation (in color)

PDF slideshow presentation

Here is a zip archive (last updated on 2016-05-02) with style file and sample template for print thesis.

The example is for a Math thesis, but the style file allows thesis in any subject. Unzip the archive and then compile the master file tesi.tex.


TeX on personal computers

For Windows: (see also this TeX for Windows page and this other one, and one more)

For Macintosh (more info here):

Some notes on TeX for Linux.

A more comprehensive list is here. More TeX-related links here. See also the Gilda/Guild group's page. There is also the web site of the Italian TeX Users Group.

Look here for how to combine TeX with pdf.

I can lend my TeX CD-ROM for easy installation of LaTeX to interested students. The disk is quite new (December 2004).

There is a package to typset music with TeX! You'll find some examples at Maurizio Candilera's site. More links at the Werner Icking Music Archive.

music TeX sample