Stefano Mizzaro

Me and my son Federico at a Conference dinner...

Stefano Mizzaro

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
(ex-Faculty of Science)
University of Udine
Via delle Scienze, 206
33100 Udine - ITALY

ph: +39 0432 558456
fax: +39 0432 558499
email: mizzaro (at) uniud [dot] it

Hi! Welcome to my home page. I was born in Udine, 21st January, 1966. I live in Udine, I'm male, married. I got my degree in 1992 and my PhD in 1997. I am Associate Professor at Department of Maths and Computer Science of the University of Udine.


My research activities are mainly in the fields of Web information retrieval, artificial intelligence, scholarly publishing, mobile devices. And other ones, of course. See the following links for more details...

Teaching (mainly in Italian)

Materiale per studenti (corsi, tesi, materiale didattico, orari di ricevimento, ecc.)


Other stupid things that did not fit elsewhere in these pages...

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