Ph.D. students

  1. Agostino Dovier Computable Set Theory and Logic Programming Ph.D. in Computer Science, Pisa-Udine.
  2. Angelo Montanari Metric and Layered Temporal Logic Ph.D., University of Amsterdam (co-promotor, promotor prof. J.F.A.K. van Benthem)
  3. Giovanna D’Agostino Modal Logic and Set Theory: Translation, Bisimulation and Interpolation Ph.D., University of Amsterdam (co-promotor, promotor prof. J.F.A.K. van Benthem).
  4. Carla Piazza Computing in Non Standard Set Theories Ph.D. in Computer Science, Udine.
  5. Raffaella Gentilini Graph Algorithms for Massive Data Sets Ph.D. in Computer Science, Udine.
  6. Nicola Vitacolonna Intervals: decidability, algorithms, and games Ph.D. in Computer Science, Udine. (co-advisor A. Montanari)
  7. Alberto Casagrande Hybrid Systems: a first-order approach to verification and approximation techniques Ph.D. in Computer Science, Udine.(co-advisor T. Villa)
  8. Simone Scalabrin Floating inside the genomes: from physical maps to transposable elements annotation Ph.D. in Computer Science, Udine.
  9. Marco Zantoni Bioinformatics support in a DNA sequence process Ph.D. in Computer Science, Udine.
  10. Cristian Del Fabbro Repeated sequences in bioinformatics: assembly, annotation and alignments Ph.D. in Computer Science, Udine.
  11. Francesco Vezzi Next Generation Sequencing Revolution Challenges: Search, Assemble, and Validate Genomes Ph.D. in Computer Science, Udine.
  12. Alexandru I. Tomescu Sets as Graphs Ph.D. in Computer Science, Udine.
  13. Francesca Nadalin Paired is better: local assembly algorithms for NGS paired reads and applications to RNA-Seq Ph.D. in Computer Science, Udine.
  14. Fausto Galvan First Quantization Table Detection in Double Compressed JPEG Images. Ph.D. in Computer Science, Udine. (co-advisor S. Battiato)
  15. Riccardo Vicedomini Alignment and reconciliationstrategies for large-scale de novo assembly. Ph.D. in Computer Science, Udine. 
  16. Nicola Prezza Compressed Computation for Text Indexing. Ph.D. in Computer Science and Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Udine.
  1. Simone Silvetti
  2. Eleonora Pippia