Self: ink on digital canvas

The idea underpinning my work is that our identity is not fixed, nor is it the result of arbitrary decisions; it is rather co-created and constantly informed by our actions and interactions with the objects and people we encounter while we progress in time. We are stories cast like dice into history, and I am interested in exploring how our sense of ‘self’ is shaped by our relationship with the time and place we happen to occupy and our experiences with the ‘other’.

This is how fine artist Chiara Braidotti describes her work. This artwork is the result of a coaction between Chiara (original artwork and text) and generative artist HEX0x6C (coding and parameter tuning).

The original artwork is a self-portrait made with ink on paper. The generative layer is coded in p5.js, a JavaScript library to make coding accessible to artists. You can interact with the artwork: move the mouse (or touch the screen) on the image or use keyboard arrows, if any on your device. Type 's' if you like what you see.

An animated GIF version of the artwork is shown below: