IMT @ Lucca

Just spent some days visiting the SysMA group at IMT, Lucca. A quite interesting environment indeed… Since it is a PhD-only institute, it is smaller than standard universities, but nevertheless very active! And I liked the multidisciplinary atmosphere (sciences, economics, cultural heritage, politics, …).
And the city is nice, of course–even with this unusal fog!

Starting something similar is hard, and keeping it growing and improving is harder. So keep up the good work, guys!


Back from Newcastle upon Tyne (see pic), for a (too short) participation to CONCUR and MeCBIC. Only two days, but the quality of talks I’ve attended was great. Met so many ol’ friends. And the city was also nice and lively (!), and the weather was also good.  What else could I ask??

Back from ETAPS

And so also ETAPS is over. Nice people, nice friends, nice city, nice food… and yes, nice conference! Got more ideas than I can develop properly. So little time, so much to do.