Bigraph 2013

Attending BIGRAPH 2013 at the IT University, Copenhagen. Pleasantly surprised of many interesting applications of bigraphs that we were not aware of, from architectural refinements to unmanned veichles coordination. Yes, serious stuff.

Orientamento ai maturandi del Marinelli

Oggi ho presentato i corsi di laurea in Informatica e TWM ai maturandi del Marinelli. Chissà quanti ne ho spaventati 🙂
Per la prima volta ho usato Prezi per la presentazione, e devo dire che è uno strumento molto interessante. Ha notevoli potenzialità, e si discosta molto dai soliti Powerpoint e Keynote. E per questo è anche più difficile da usare…

Third International Workshop on Bigraphs (Bigraph 2013)

Do you work on or with bigraphs? Do you want to learn about bigraphs? Then you have to participate to the Third International Workshop on Bigraphs (Bigraphs 2013), to be held at the IT University of Copenhagen on 16 February 2013.
Speakers are invited to submit an abstract of no more than two pages as a proposal for a talk to be given during the workshop. Any research related to bigraphs is within scope. Summaries of work in progress or intended future research are also welcome.
Deadline for submissions: 21 January 2013.
For more details, see the workshop web page.

IMT @ Lucca

Just spent some days visiting the SysMA group at IMT, Lucca. A quite interesting environment indeed… Since it is a PhD-only institute, it is smaller than standard universities, but nevertheless very active! And I liked the multidisciplinary atmosphere (sciences, economics, cultural heritage, politics, …).
And the city is nice, of course–even with this unusal fog!

Starting something similar is hard, and keeping it growing and improving is harder. So keep up the good work, guys!

Back to the past

So now I’m ready to leave to Italy. Had a really great time in CPH. Cool city, nice students, great colleagues. Unfortunately I’ve left lots of work that needs to be terminated, so… I’ll be back!