One year research position at the University of Udine (deadline: April 10, 2019)

One-year research position at the University of Udine about
Modelling and performance evaluation of train on-board networks
Funded by EU FSE program HEaD

Deadline for application: Aprile 10, 2019, 11:30.


Nowadays trains feature advanced on-board information networks which are used both for essential services and for additional (infotainment) services, and must guarantee an adequate level of service quality.
Designing, implementing and validating these networks, respecting precise qualitative and quantitative constraints (bandwidth, delay, fault tolerance, etc.) is complex and error-prone.
The objective of this project is to define practical methods and solutions for modelling train on-board networks, both in the topological and in the quantitative aspects, with the aim to simulate and predict their behavior in various traffic conditions before implementation and deployment. These solutions will use tools and technologies currently developed within the academic community, such as quantitative simulators and model checkers.


Candidates must have a Master degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering (PhD is not required but appreciated), and possibly a background in network simulation, performance analysis and evaluation. Good programming skills will be appreciated.

Working conditions

The selected candidate will work mainly at the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics (DMIF), of the University of Udine (Italy), in strict cooperation with VDS Rail, a leading industry of the sector.

The total net salary is 20.382,00 euro.

For more information please contact Marino Miculan (

More details about the applications are at the official call.