Laboratory of System Dynamics

Activity of the Laboratory - Experimental analysis of dynamical systems and control.

Year of fundation - 1995.

Scope of the Laboratory - Education and research.

Director - Franco Blanchini.

Supervisor - Dr Stefano Miani.

Special support - Eurotech - Amaro (UD), Italy.

Thanks (for his precious help) to Mr Dario Fonda, Udine.

Equipment presently available (self-made)


Students who have been involved

Hydraulic system with two tanks and pump

Magnetic levitation system - Photo 1

Cart-pendulum system

Cart-pendulum system

Obstacle-avoiding robot control

Cartesian Robot Control with obstacle avoidance

Obscillating flywheel system

Relatively Optimal Control: experimental results

Transients with state and estimated-state feedback and non-nominal initial state