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Workshop Organizers

Carlo Tasso
University of Udine, Italy

Stefano Mizzaro
University of Udine, Italy


Program Committee

Nick Belkin
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Nathalie Denos
University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France

Marco Fabbrichesi
SISSA, Trieste, Italy

Murat Karamuftuoglu
City University, London, UK

Stefano Mizzaro
University of Udine, Italy

Carlo Tasso
University of Udine, Italy

Important dates

April 2
(new) deadline for submission

April 18
notification of acceptance

May 15
submission of the final camera ready

October 1
final papers due for publication in the proceedings



28/5/2002 - Malaga, Spain

2nd International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive
Web Based Systems
29/5/2002 - 31/5/2002
Malaga, Spain

General Workshop Theme

Electronic Publishing (EP) on the Web is a fast growing field which includes various heterogeneous systems for information access: traditional journals, magazines and newspapers accessible via Web, fully electronic journals, scholarly journals, e-prints repositories,
news, vertical and horizontal portals, and so on.

Users of these different EP systems experience typical problems, such as information overload and information oversupply. From the publisher perspective another problem arises, i.e., the difficulty to deliver the published information timely and precisely to (and only to) the interested readers. Another phenomenon which is making the situation even more complicated, is the increasing amount of hypermedia content which characterizes the whole field of EP. Moreover, Mobile Internet provides new chances, but also poses new challenges.

Personalization can increase the utility, user satisfaction, and user loyalty of EP Web sites, by providing the user with accurate and effective services tailored to his/her specific needs, also improving in such a way the quality of the transfer of information from publishers to readers. Personalization in EP addresses: (i) the user need of receiving timely and accurate information relevant to their interests, (ii) the user need to be adequately supported during search of archive information, and (iii) the publisher needs to proactively disseminate information only to interested users.

This workshop aims at both reviewing the current state of the art in the exploitation of personalization techniques within Web sites devoted to electronic publishing, and highlighting major trends for the future and open research problems. The Workshop is addressed to researchers and to electronic publishers.


Workshop Topics

The issue of personalization in Electronic Publishing includes a variety of topics. The following list is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list for the workshop, and it is only indicative of different research aspects and open problems:
personalization strategies in EP;

  • user support during searching;
  • ephemeral (short term) and persistent (long term) personalization techniques for EP;
  • information filtering in EP applications;
  • integration of cognitive and collaborative filtering in information access;
  • innovative services in EP portals;
  • innovative personalized information services for Mobile Internet;
  • personalized Web clipping services;
  • information architecture for EP portals;
  • quality issues in EP;
  • evauation criteria of EP portals and sites;
  • new business models for personalized EP Web sites.
Workshop Format
The Workshop will run for two half days. The first part of the day will include paper presentations, posters, and demos. Authors of accepted papers will give a 15 minute talk. The number of attendees to the workshop will be limited in order to encourage participation.
Participation will be either on the basis of submitted papers (5-7 pages), posters, demos, or by invitation.

The remaining part of the workshop will include the final event of the EU 5th FP IST Project TIPS ( There will be one or two invited speakers from the field of EP, and some presentation will be devoted to present an account of the achievements of the TIPS Project.


Workshop Proceedings
The Proceedings of the workshop will include a set of invited contribution originating from the papers presented at the workshop. The Proceedings will be published after the workshop (thus allowing the authors to review their papers on the basis of discussions at the workshop) as a book and/or in a journal special issue.

Electronic submission: e-mail a PDF or postscript-gzipped version of your manuscript to Stefano Mizzaro