Processing: un linguaggio di programmazione visuale

"Programming courses typically focus on structure and theory first. Anything visual - an interface, an animation - is considered a dessert to be enjoyed only after finishing your vegetables, usually several weeks of studying algorithms and methods." (Casey Reas e Ben Fry)

Processing un linguaggio di programmazione visuale. E' utile agli studenti di discipline umanistiche per avvicinarsi alla programmazione creativa e agli studenti di discipline scientifiche per avvicinarci all'arte creativa (in particolare grafica e animazione). Getting Started with Processing, scritto dagli ideatori del linguaggio Casey Reas e Ben Fry, il modo giusto per avvicinarsi a Processing.

"Sketching is a way of thinking; it's playful and quick. The basic goal is to explore many ideas in a short amount of time. In our own work, we usually start by sketching on paper and then moving the results into code. Ideas for animation and interactions are usually sketched as storyboards with notations. After making some software sketches, the best ideas are selected and combined into prototypes. It's a cyclical process of making, testing, and improving that moves back and forth between paper and screen." (Casey Reas e Ben Fry)