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Principio 1: Rendere i contenuti percepibili:

Principio 2: Rendere fruibili gli elementi dell'interfaccia nel contenuto:

Principio 3: Rendere comprensibili contenuti e comandi:

Principio 4: Progettare contenuti sufficientemente robusti al fine di garantirne la compatibilità con le tecnologie presenti e future:

Risultati di Total Validator

WCAG v2 A Errors

E860 - 20 instance(s): If there is no 'alt' attribute, then assistive technologies are not able to identify the image or to convey its purpose to the userSee (displayed in new window)

E862 - 1 instance(s): If the text in the 'text alternative' cannot be used in place of the non-text content without losing information or function then it fails because it is not, in fact, an alternative to the non-text content.See (displayed in new window)

E866 - 2 instance(s): Use the 'title' attribute to label form controls when the visual design cannot accommodate the label (for example, if there is no text on the screen that can be identified as a label) or where it might be confusing to display a label. User agents, including assistive technology, can speak the 'title' attribute. See (displayed in new window)

E871 - 17 instance(s): Describe the purpose of a link by providing descriptive text as the content of the <a> element. The description lets a user distinguish this link from other links in the Web page and helps the user determine whether to follow the link. The URI of the destination is generally not sufficiently descriptive. See (displayed in new window)

E878 - 1 instance(s): Title each <frame> and <iframe> to facilitate identification and navigation. See (displayed in new window)

E892 - 3 instance(s): Tags that are being used purely to create a visual presentation effect should not be used. You should use CSS to control layout and presentation so that users and their aids may control it. See (displayed in new window)

E898 - 2 instance(s): If you have different links with the same link text it can be confusing to the user. So you should either change the link text or add a unique 'title' attribute to each link. See (displayed in new window)

WCAG v2 AA Errors

E910 - 1 instance(s): Using relative units helps the page to be rendered correctly at different resolutions and allows people with sight difficulties to 'zoom in' to pages to read them. See (displayed in new window)