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Title:Università di Udine - Gli spin-off attivati
Date:Report run on Thu Dec 28 10:08:36CST2006


Global Statistics

Total HTTP Requests:28
Total Size:103281 bytes

Object Size Totals

Object typeSize (bytes)
HTML Images:6158
CSS Images:27412
Total Images:33570

External Objects

External ObjectQTY
Total HTML:1
Total HTML Images:3
Total CSS Images:19
Total Images:22
Total Scripts:3
Total CSS imports:2
Total Frames:0
Total Iframes:0

Download Times*

Connection RateDownload Time
14.4K 80.45 seconds
28.8K 40.42 seconds
33.6K 34.71 seconds
56K 20.98 seconds
ISDN 128K 6.70 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps 0.95 seconds

*Note that these download times are based on the full connection rate for ISDN and T1 connections. Modem connections (56Kbps or less) are corrected by a packet loss factor of 0.7. All download times include delays due to round-trip latency with an average of 0.2 seconds per object. With 28 total objects for this page, that computes to a total lag time due to latency of 5.6 seconds. Note also that this download time calculation does not take into account delays due to XHTML parsing and rendering.

Page Objects

1 26066 SCRIPT http://www.uniud.it/plone_javascripts.js
1 22365 CSS http://www.uniud.it/stile.css
1 15847 HTML http://www.uniud.it/ricerca/imprese/spin_off/elenco_spinoff/
1 7667 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/postit.jpg
1 5296 SCRIPT http://www.uniud.it/functions.js
1 5017 IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/intestazione.gif
1 4654 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/pollo.gif
1 4428 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/logo_piccolo.gif
1 2849 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/postit_home.jpg
2 1170 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/freccia_arancione2.gif
1 1014 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/icona_pdf.gif
1 968 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/omino.gif
2 952 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/freccia_dx.gif
1 916 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/icona_doc.gif
1 832 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/freccia_nera.gif
1 818 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/due_punti.gif
1 659 IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/didattica_block.gif
1 570 CSS* http://www.uniud.it/print.css
1 482 IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/ateneo_block.gif
1 398 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/tab.gif
1 149 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/freccia_curva.gif
2 114 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/tri.gif
1 113 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/round_dx.gif
1 112 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/round_sx.gif
1 111 SCRIPT http://www.uniud.it/plone_javascript_variables.js
1 92 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/8bc.gif
1 85 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/lista_bullet.gif
1 81 CSS IMG http://www.uniud.it/img/sfumatura_avvisi.gif
1 26 CSS http://www.uniud.it/dim2.css
28 ^ 103281*   Total (^unique objects)

# This site is not using HTTP compression, otherwise called content encoding using gzip. Consider compressing your textual content (XHTML, JavaScript, etc.) with mod_gzip or similar products.

* CSS alternate stylesheets may be referenced in the HTML but are not actually downloaded until they are needed and are therefore not included in the total page size.

Analysis and Recommendations