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My primary interest is in design and evaluation principles for human-computer interfaces.

Web Quality Assurance: Processes and Tools

Usability, accessibility and security are some of the properties that constitute the quality of a website. High level of quality can only be achieved if proper organization, work processes and tools for usability and accessibility are deployed. Open research issues I'm working on include proper understanding of effectiveness of automatic tools for testing accessibility, appropriate merging of automatic and manual assessment methods for accessibility and usability, how to measure accessibility.

More detailed descriptions of projects I'm working on (Barrier Walkthrough method, accessibility metrics, usability of text-only pages) can be found in the projects page.

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Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica
Università di Udine, Via delle Scienze, 206
Loc. Rizzi 33100 Udine --- Italy
voice: +39 (0432) 55.8445 --- fax: +39 (0432) 55.8499
Office location: Second floor, South side, office facing external area

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