Operating System Lab

Antonio D'Angelo

  1. Aims

    The aim of the Lab is that to provide a T.W.M. student with the fundamental tools to be aware and practically faced with the modern operating systems, especially with the respect to server side programming. Hence, considering that security and reliability have made Apache servers, running on Linux systems, the most popular webservers, lectures cover three different threads. The first is faced with the installation of a Linux system on a platform where a Windows system is currently running. Installation examples and booting control are presented and discussed. The second thread refers to the bash command language with the aim to provide the student with a good teaching tool to understand how server side programming really works on server side. The similarities with PHP will be pointed out. Also Apache server configuration, along with mailserver and firewall configurations, will be discussed in the lectures. The last thread is about a short and useful presentation of the C language with the aim to become a powerful tool to be used as a "glue" to integrate PC functioning with software coming from different sources. All the topics will be presented through examples.

  2. Method

    Lectures are primarily based on examples and exercises to be solved hands-on at the lab of the school. The learning process will be tested by facing each student with individual tests which can be assigned during the lecture discussion. A minimum of three trials is needed for each student to pass the examination which also depends on the assigned total score.

  3. Contents

  4. Suggested Readings

  5. Exercises